Shipping Policy

When are you going to ship my items?

All orders are subject to a handling period before shipment, usually 1 to 2 business days. However, if we have some crazy promotion or a new launch, orders may take a bit longer to process, so be patient my friend.

You will then receive a shipping notification with your tracking number. In many cases, we ship from our warehouses in Europe, America or Asia.

Please make sure you provide the correct delivery address. Unk&Co cannot be held responsible for items shipped to incorrect addresses provided by the buyer. In such cases, the buyer will be responsible for any additional shipping costs incurred to ship to the correct address.

When will my items arrive?

Your items, after handling period, should be received within 10 to 17 business days, except for international deliveries which vary by country. For exceptional delay, please allow upto 40 Days for delivery. This remains extremely rare however(less than 2% of the parcels), but we indicate it to you for the sake of transparency.

My order shipped but I need to change the address.

So sorry for the issue! You can send us a mail within 2 hours after the purchase to change the address. After that period, you should still be able to update your address on your national carrier website when the parcel arrives in your country! If your package returns to us due to an incorrect address, it will be cancelled and refunded; you will be notified if this happens.

How my order is packed before shipping?

We know how important it is to send good parcels, which is why we have set up a similar packaging process for all our products in order to guarantee maximum safety during the journey.

1. Quality check: Before sending a product, our team checks that the product has no defects and that it meets our standards

2. PET Bag:All our bags are then placed in their original packaging, made of a very resistant plastic that protects them from dust that can be generated during the journey.

3. Bubble Film:To guarantee the integrity of the package, we wrap it in plastic film so that it travels serenely, anywhere around the globe

4. Packing bags: Then they are placed in their travel envelope. A flexible envelope reduces damage to products unlike rigid boxes that tend to be hit during travel.

Will my items be sent in a single package?

For logistical reasons and to reduce delays, items will sometimes be sent in separate packages, especially if one of the item is big or heavy to avoid any damage (which is also very rare). Please keep this in mind when receiving deliveries. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I track my order?

Tracking information will be emailed to you when your order is shipped. You can also use the "Track Your Order" page.

Please note that detailed tracking is not available for some international shipments, depending on the country.

What happens if I don't receive my order?

All shipments are insured for replacement or refund, so please let us know if your order has not arrived within a reasonable period of time. There is a required waiting period before an insurance claim can be filed...for most countries outside of the UE it is 30 days, but for some it is 60 days. You may also be required to submit a signed letter stating that the item was not received. You will NOT lose your money in any circumstance, so please be patient and be nice, and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Refunded but package received (if applicable)

If you do not receive delivery of your package in 60 working days since the date of shipping, you are eligible for a full refund when subject to the following steps:

1. Contact us through E-Mail or Facebook/Instagram messaging.

2. Give us enough time to claim insurance for the package from the shipping service.

Further, If by any chance that your package was delivered in future but you have already received a refund from us, you are obliged to pay us the cost of your order back because our Insurance Claim will become void :)