About Us!

Hello, Bonjour & Hola... Unk&Co welcomes you onboard to our family of Hodophiles.

The Unk&Co Community are people who catch flights and not feelings. 
They are some gypsy souls who make every place they travel as their homes. 
Few wayfarers walk on different paths in various mountains.

All these people have one in common as their travel partner i.e., Unk&Co products. 

We are absolutely Confident that Unk&Co bags will help you to leave behind all your worries and make your spine and feet happier!

Now...This is Our Story. There were 3 brothers living in a southern corner of India,were into leather exporting business and were travel buffs. 

Soon they started to gain access across the globe and had a chance to meet a lot of travellers,vagabonds and Roadies. A lot of painful stories regarding the luggage
and how travellers were struggling with heavy and unreliable bags caught their attention and seeded the birth of Unk&Co.

We became our first customers in testing our products in various weather conditions and in different corners of the world.
It took us months and many iterations to come up with the right size and produce bags that are durable,convenient and handy.


Unk&Co uses high quality premier leather and oil waxed canvas as the raw material inspired from the past to create antique,durable and unique products for exploring the unexplored sunrises and sunsets.
We are Unk&CO and our bags and wallets have character and personality, and can remind you about beautiful valley, fresh waterfalls or the smell of the forest mud from your last trip when you are sipping the coffee on a sleepy afternoon.