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Unk&Co is a company that understands the need for daring adventures, luxurious escapes and cultural indulgence – but never underestimates the joy and predictability of simply coming home.

Unk&Co creates leather bags inspired by the past and designed for the future. We are artisans of genuine leather and canvas producing classic products that are timeless. We believe in affordability without compromise. 
At Unk&Co, we want to build something that is timeless. Like old wine, the waxed canvas and the leather evolve with character over time that remind you of every journey that you have taken. We are humbled and honoured to accompany you in your journey – be in the daily grind of working or the joy of discovery new places during your travelling.

Our goal is to create a timeless product with fine regard for detail.

Founded in 1954 by 3 Brothers who started exporting raw leather materials from India to the Italy, soon found themselves skyrocketing through orders across several leather accessories manufacturers. This is when the true potential was discovered and Unk&Co was established.

Driven to provide the everyday traveler with the perfect bags and accessories, Unk&Co's Vintage Retro Collection has been thoughtfully designed from the ground up to include details that aid in daily journeys. Featuring timeless silhouettes inspired by the world around us, each piece evokes a bit of nostalgia yet offers modern functionality. The Unk&Co Community continues to redefine timeless design while maintaining fine regard for detail.

We are lovers of nature, of enjoying, of exploring the world. You only live once and you have to squeeze the time, look for new limits and overcome them.

Our goal is to bring to the world the perfect combination between quality and a retro style that makes each product a differential element. We are Unk&CO and our bags and wallets have character and personality, all them handmade with oil waxed canvas and high quality leather.

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