Welcome To Our Journal!

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Stories, satchels and silly things. 

Welcome to our journal. We guess you could call it a blog – but it’s probably very different to what you’d find in your average fashion blog.

We wanted to have a place where we could share our stories and pictures with you; our ideas, our plans, our trips, our friends, a place where we can talk to you and you can talk to us. That’s important to us.

Our journal is a place for…

Funny things

Fashion things

Weird things

Telling the stories behind our bags

Stories that will make you laugh so hard that your cornflakes will come out of your nose

Lessons we’ve learned

Photos of our dogs doing silly things

Life ‘hacks’ (AKA things you didn’t even know you needed to know until you knew them)

Sneak peeks of exciting things we’re working on

Doing things in a rather British way

Songs that we sing in the car

Baking, baking and more baking

Tales from our travels

Harking back to British icons and traditions

Places we think you’ll love

Throwback Thursdays

Books that are too good to keep to ourselves

People we think are great

Trying things we’ve never done before

You. A place to tell us your stories, show off your bags and tell us what you’d like to see more of.

We always have a story to tell and there’s one thing we can promise you about our journal – it’ll never be boring.

We can’t wait.

-Team Unk&Co.

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